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Chelsey & Josh

Chelsey & Josh

When I think romantic mountain wedding, this will forever be the wedding that comes to mind <3

Chelsey and Josh's big day was absolutely breath-taking and to think that they pulled the whole thing together in just a few short months is amazing!! I was so honoured to get to capture this for them.

The day just started perfectly with a laid back and easy going pace. The ladies getting ready in one cabin and the gentlemen in another. Chelsey did her own hair and makeup, and then got into her dress amongst the mountains in the perfect first look location. Josh waited eagerly as his bride slowly approached him from behind and I don't even have the words to describe the feelings and emotions that were present in these few moments. She called out 'Josh' and as he turned even I could feel a ball well in my throat. It was such an intimate and beautiful moment to capture and it just started their day off with the most perfect energy.

Following this amazing opportunity to capture their first few moments to truly appreciate and share love on their day, we went into a loving ceremony. We took a wicked group shot and seriously one of the coolest things they had planned they did for their guests was a champagne popping!!

The reception just confirmed the feelings of the entire day, as there could not have been a dry eye in the room. They were surrounded by so much and support as they celebrated their vows. Speech after speech was filled with loving stories and good wishes. But my favourite part of the entire evening had to have been when the DJ wiped out his guitar and sang a hilarious and ingenious song for the newly married couple. I don't think there is enough to room to write out what an amazing day they created and I am just so happy to have been a part of it. Thank you again Chelsey and Josh, and congratulations!!!


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